Chilling in Africa..!

If all was well, Icon Star Allu Arjun should have been shooting for Pushpa 2 by now. But, as director Sukumar keeps sculpting the film’s script, Bunny got a long break to have some fun in his personal life. The star and his family have already toured Europe this year’s summer. Now, the Pushpa star’s holidaying expanded further. Along with his wife Sneha Reddy and two kids Allu Ayan, and Allu Arha, he is seen having a great time in the African forests of Tanzania. Sneha, an active social media user, posted the latest photos of their trip, which have become viral. The pics were taken in the famous Serengeti National Park. The complete family was seen wearing classic white outfits.

Bunny is wearing a plain white T-shirt and Short with casual goggles and looks stylish as usual. Meanwhile, Icon Star’s fans are commenting under the post urging him to start shooting early for any other movie if not Pushpa. The blockbuster was released in the December of last year and yet there are no signs of starting the shoot anywhere soon. Sukku, with the unexpected pan-Indian success of the film, is said to have gone into ultra-careful mode and is trying to get a perfect script which can reach the expectations of people all over India. There were rumours that Bunny might fastly finish a small or medium budget movie in the meantime to cover the gap, but as the star is yet again on a vacay, it’s safe to assume that he will go for other projects only after finishing Pushpa 2, the Rule.


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