Mermaid is pregnant

Halle Bailey, an American actress and singer who is in Milan for fashion week with her boyfriend, YouTuber DDG, has been giving away pregnancy indications all week.
The two, ages 23 and 25, were spotted exiting the Dolce & Gabbana afterparty in Milan, Italy on Sunday night. Halle covered her midriff with a large, striped black jacket and wore loose, ripped jeans with the ensemble. Silver heels, multiple necklaces, and black sunglasses were the finishing touches to her outfit. DDG completed her appearance with an adorned blouse, black leggings, and hefty black boots.
Halle’s propensity for dressing oversized to various occasions she has attended over the past few months has fueled rumors that she is expecting her first child. She wore a vivid yellow trench coat and silver shoes to the D&G Womenswear Spring/Summer 2024 catwalk show earlier in the day.
People raised their eyebrows when she wore that clothing to the MTV Video Music Awards a few weeks after the rumors about her body-hiding attempt in August. According to a source close to Halle, who spoke to Page Six, “Halle stayed away from the pink carpet so she would not be photographed, and when she was inside, she was very mindful in the way she gave hugs, and who she gave them to.” This fed the rumors that Halle avoided the pink carpet. The source continued, “Orange dress flow was an indicator she was trying to hide.

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