Megastar Finally Opens up on Acharya!

Acharya movie is easily in the top five disasters in Megastar Chiranjeevi’s career. Chiru gives his 100 percent hard work to every movie yet the film has come as a shock to him after its release. Even though there are many reports regarding Chiru’s reactions after Acharya, he never responded directly to the result. The Telugu media too avoided that question to Chiru. As he is now busy promoting Godfather in Hindi, Megastar is facing the Bollywood media for the promotions. During one of the interviews, he was asked how he felt after the result of Acharya. Megastar opened up about that phase.

“In the beginning phase of my career, I used to be over the moon when I got success and depressed when faced a flop. But those days are of the past now. I’ve seen a lot of ebbs and flows in the first 15 years of my career. I’ve learned to withstand struggles both physically and mentally. Once I became a mature actor, no flop hurt me or no success got into my head. A film’s success is never in our hands. We always try to give our best for the movie. Acharya’s flop never hurt me because we all followed what the director said. But one regret is that this is the first film in my and Charan’s combination and it didn’t work out. If we want to be seen together again in the near future, we may not have as much josh as we needed for that. Other than that, there is no pain about the Acharya” said Megastar.

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