Greta Gerwig Addresses #MeToo Movement at Cannes

At the opening day press conference of the Cannes Film Festival, Greta Gerwig, director of the upcoming film Barbie and president of this year’s competition jury, discussed the #MeToo movement. Reflecting on its impact, Gerwig acknowledged the substantive change it brought to the American film community, emphasizing the importance of continuing the conversation and striving for progress.

Support for Labor Movements

In addition to addressing the #MeToo movement, Gerwig expressed her support for labor movements, particularly in light of pending changes in labor policies. She emphasized the importance of workers forming agreements that benefit them and support the overall goals of the festival. Gerwig’s stance highlights the significance of advocating for fair labor practices within the film industry.

Composition of the Jury

As the president of this year’s competition jury, Gerwig leads a diverse panel of industry professionals tasked with awarding the prestigious Palme d’Or. The jury includes notable figures such as Spanish filmmaker JA Bayona, Turkish actor and screenwriter Ebru Ceylan, and Italian actor and producer Pierfrancesco Favino, among others. Their collective expertise and perspectives will play a crucial role in evaluating the films showcased at the festival.

Opening Night Film and Honorary Award

Quentin Dupieux’s The Second Act serves as the opening night film at the Cannes Film Festival, setting the stage for an exciting lineup of cinematic offerings. Additionally, veteran actress Meryl Streep will be honored with an honorary Palme d’Or, recognizing her outstanding contributions to the film industry. Streep’s accolade underscores the festival’s tradition of celebrating excellence in filmmaking.


Greta Gerwig’s remarks on the #MeToo movement and labor movements reflect the ongoing dialogue surrounding social issues within the film industry. As the Cannes Film Festival unfolds, the competition jury, led by Gerwig, will play a pivotal role in recognizing and rewarding artistic merit. With a diverse lineup of jurors and an array of compelling films, the festival promises to be a celebration of cinema’s rich tapestry and cultural significance.


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