Mass Maharaj Quitting As a Hero?

Ramarao On Duty film’s result seems to have hit Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja very hard. As it is known, the film is declared a disaster from the first show itself. Reviewers were on fire all over the media and websites. Poor plot, execution and inefficient use of resources have led to the film’s miserable performance, they said. Most importantly, fans come to theatres to watch the energy of Ravi Teja. But, the director has cut the at the base by restricting Ravi to a serious role. SS Rajamouli knows the public pulse and hence he balanced the Vikramarkudu movie with a dual role. While one role is about a sincere and powerful police officer, the second role is about a free-minded bachelor with Ravi’s natural characterization. RROD’s director Sharath Mandava forgot this logic which led to the debacle of Ramarao.

Meanwhile, Ravi Teja is caught in a dilemma now. He can not keep on doing his usual energy-filled roles as age is creeping upon him. If he does some kind of serious roles like Sarocharu or Na Autograph, they are disappointing him irrespective of the content. If the reports are to be believed, he is thinking of completely quitting the hero roles in the movies. For now, the star has around 7 to 8 projects lined up and after completing them, Ravi will stop doing the lead roles, said the sources close to him. This will definitely be shocking news to his fans but such are the circumstances for Mass Maharaj. We have to wait and see if the success of his upcoming films will change his decision.


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