Pawan Film To Follow Mahesh Film!!!

With Mahesh Babu’s blockbuster hit Pokiri hitting theatres once again on the actor’s birthday, August 9, Mahesh fans are in sky-high excitement.

Fans are gearing up to celebrate Mahesh’s birthday in theatres with worldwide special screenings of the Pokiri 4K remastered version. Top of all, bookings of this film is in full swing and many theatres already hold Housefull boards.

To experience the same, it is heard that Pawan fans are requesting to re-release any of the Pawan films in 4K version on September 2, on the occasion of Pawan Kalyan’s birthday. Most fans are mainly requesting to re-release the Trivikram-Pawan film Jalsa.

Marking the same, Pawan fans stormed social media, requesting the Jalsa movie production house to allow screenings of a 4K remastered version of the film on a special day. Meanwhile, Megastar fan and Producer Sai Rajesh took to his Instagram and stated that the official confirmation of Jalsa re-release may be announced in a couple of days, but only if the film was shot on reel can be converted to a high-definition format.

With such a statement from him, it is sure that Geetha arts, the Jalsa movie production house, is trying to convert the HD file to DPX to make Pawan fans happy. So, if everything goes smoothly, after Mahesh’s Pokiri, we will also experience Pawan’s Jalsa on the large screen again.


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