Kiran Rao’s Subtle Commentary on Marriage in Laapataa Ladies

Kiran Rao delivered a subtle yet sharp commentary on marriage with her latest directorial, Laapataa Ladies. The film, produced by her ex-husband Aamir Khan, explores the complexities of marriage and the pressures faced by women within this institution.

Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan’s Unique Relationship

Despite their separation, Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan continue to remain friends and colleagues. In an interview with She The People, Kiran revealed that their marriage was largely influenced by their parents. After living together for a year, societal and familial expectations pushed them towards marriage. Kiran stated, “We knew that it’s a great institution if you can function as individuals as well as a couple within that institution.”

Kiran Rao addressed the often unspoken pressures that marriage places on women. She emphasized the need for a rethinking of marriage as an institution, noting how it tends to stifle women. Kiran elaborated, “Marriage tends to stifle, especially women. There’s so much responsibility on the women to run the house, keep the family together.” She pointed out the unrealistic expectations placed on women, including maintaining relationships with in-laws and managing household duties.

Kiran Rao cited American psychologist Esther Perel’s work as a significant influence on her views about marriage. Perel’s writings on the subject have sparked important conversations about the evolving dynamics of marital relationships. Kiran’s film, Laapataa Ladies, reflects these themes by presenting a narrative that questions traditional marital roles and highlights the pressures faced by women.

Aamir and Kiran’s Journey

Kiran and Aamir met on the sets of the 2001 period drama Lagaan, where Kiran was an Assistant Director. They began dating in 2004 and got married in 2005. After several unsuccessful attempts to conceive, they welcomed their son Azad in 2011 through surrogacy. The couple announced their separation in 2021 but continue to collaborate professionally.

Laapataa Ladies: A Commentary on Marriage

Laapataa Ladies serves as a subtle yet impactful commentary on the institution of marriage. Through her directorial vision, Kiran Rao explores the pressures and expectations placed on women within a marital setup. The film is co-produced by Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao’s new production house, Kindling Pictures, showcasing their continued professional partnership.


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