Kim Kardashian Celebrates 43rd Birthday with Her Girlies

In a new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, viewers couldn’t help but notice the close kinship between Ivanka Trump, Jeff Bezos’ fiancée Lauren Sanchez, and Kim Kardashian. The SKIMS founder’s birthday, originally celebrated in October, was marked at Funke in Beverly Hills, California. Thursday’s episode of the reality show featured the celebration, where Kim was accompanied by Ivanka on her right and Sanchez on her left during the dinner.

A Star-Studded Birthday Celebration

As reported by Page Six, Kim Kardashian expressed her love and gratitude for her friends as they gathered for her birthday dinner. The 43-year-old billionaire shared how her friends have positively influenced her life and mental health. “It makes me feel so good that everyone wanted to come out and celebrate and have dinner with us,” she began her speech. “But honestly, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my friends. Like I have the best friends and they’re super supportive.”

Kim continued, “I think that’s probably why I’ve never seen a therapist, is because I have the best friends in the entire world, and they mean everything to me.” Following her birthday celebration, Kim posted on social media, “So blessed to have hit the jackpot of friends! I couldn’t have ever dreamed I would be so lucky to call these girls my friends.”

The Guest List and Decor Details

The birthday dinner saw the presence of not only Ivanka Trump and Lauren Sanchez but also Kim’s mother, sisters, and close friends including Allison Statter, Simone Harouche, Lindsay May, Sarah Meyer Michaelson, Zoe Winkler Reinis, and Ashley Kassan. The reality star’s 43rd birthday dinner, held at Funke’s rooftop bar, followed a Bohemian theme. The decor featured the venue surrounded by plants with a wooden table at the center, adorned with name cards and menus for the guests. Grass arrangements added a touch of comfort to the setting.

Kim Kardashian’s 43rd birthday was an intimate yet grand celebration, reflecting her appreciation for her close-knit circle. The reality show episode captured the essence of her gratitude towards her friends and the significance they hold in her life. With such heartfelt moments, Kim’s birthday dinner at Funke will be remembered as a highlight in the latest season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


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