Kanye West’s $2.2M Ranch vs. Kim Kardashian’s $60M Compound

Kanye West’s once-glorious Calabasas ranch now lies in utter despair. The rapper’s $2.2 million property, along with the adjoining 300 acres he bought for an additional $4 million, is in ruins. This decrepit state contrasts sharply with the nearby $60 million family compound of his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, which remains pristine.

The Rise and Fall of Kanye’s Calabasas Ranch

West, also known as Ye, initially purchased the ranch in 2018. It served as a hub for his Sunday Service congregations and the headquarters for his Donda Academy. He expanded the estate by acquiring the neighboring land, creating a sprawling property. However, new images reveal the ranch’s current state: debris, roof pieces, and a large hole at the entrance, giving it a haunted appearance.

Despite owning this extensive property, Kanye and his current wife, Bianca Censori, reside in a West Hollywood apartment. Their luxury apartment, reportedly costing $20,000 monthly, includes amenities such as a rooftop café, heated pool, private cinema, and 24-hour concierge service. This residence is conveniently located near the Yeezy headquarters.

A Glimpse into the Abandoned Property

The Calabasas ranch, now abandoned, previously housed two guest houses with a total of six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Kanye’s ambitious “Yecosystems,” 50-foot domes inspired by Star Wars’ planet Tatooine, have also fallen into neglect. These domes were a part of Yeezy Home, the architectural branch of his label.

Kim Kardashian’s Luxurious Calabasas Mansion

In stark contrast, Kim Kardashian’s Calabasas mansion, just eight miles away, remains a symbol of luxury. Purchased in 2014 for $20 million, with an additional $20 million spent on renovations by Belgian interior decorator Alex Vervoort, the mansion has been a point of contention during their divorce. Ultimately, Kim secured the house, ensuring a stable environment for their children.

Other Abandoned Properties and Financial Setbacks

In addition to the Calabasas ranch, Kanye has also abandoned his 4,000-square-foot Malibu mansion. The oceanfront property, once listed at $53 million, has seen its price slashed to $39 million due to lack of interest and deteriorating conditions. West’s career and finances have suffered significantly, with antisemitic remarks leading to a loss of $1.6 billion in net worth.


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