Katrina Kaif’s Deepfake French Video Sparks Curiosity

A video of Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif has been making waves online, leaving fans intrigued. In the clip, Katrina is seen fluently speaking in French at the book launch of Bina Kak’s “Silent Sentinels of Ranthambhore” in Mumbai back in 2017. However, there’s a twist – the video is an AI-generated deepfake, meticulously crafted to mimic her speech. Katrina Kaif’s Deepfake French Video Sparks Curiosity

Katrina Kaif’s Deepfake:

At the book release, Katrina and Salman Khan were present, along with Salman’s father, veteran screenwriter Salim Khan. The deepfake video shows Katrina discussing Bina’s “incredible book” in French. The accompanying caption clarifies that while the French voiceover is AI-generated, the speech itself remains unchanged from Katrina’s original words.

Fan Reactions

Fans had mixed reactions. Some were astounded by the realism of the deepfake, while others recognized its artificial nature. Comments ranged from awe (“She’s supremely talented!”) to skepticism (“God, the deepfakes are getting scary!”). A few even fell for the illusion, praising Katrina’s charm and talent.

Katrina’s Recent Film

In her latest film, “Merry Christmas,” Katrina starred alongside Vijay Sethupathi. Directed by Sriram Raghavan, this Hindi and Tamil-language bilingual noir is based on Frédéric Dard’s French novel “Le Monte-charge” (Bird in a Cage). Released in January 2024, the film weaves a tale of unexpected twists on an uneventful Christmas Eve.

As deepfake technology continues to evolve, it’s essential to remain discerning and appreciate the fine line between reality and artificial creations.


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