Kanye West Countersues Ex-Assistant: Blackmail Claims

Kanye West, also known as Ye, has filed a countersuit against his former assistant, Lauren Pisciotta, who initially sued him for sexual harassment and wrongful termination. In his legal response, Kanye vehemently denies Pisciotta’s allegations, describing them as “baseless” and motivated by ulterior motives.

Ye’s Legal Response to Allegations

Kanye West’s legal team has aggressively countered Pisciotta’s accusations, claiming that she engaged in “blackmail and extortion” after Ye allegedly turned down her sexual advances. According to BBC, Kanye’s representatives plan to file a lawsuit against Pisciotta in response to her claims.

Claims of Unqualified Conduct

West’s lawyer has argued that Pisciotta was terminated for being “unqualified” and for “demanding unreasonable sums of money.” Furthermore, they accused Pisciotta of “lascivious, unhinged conduct,” alleging that she used sexual coercion to influence her working conditions. Kanye’s team claims she demanded money and luxury items, including designer handbags and a Lamborghini car, and when rejected, she allegedly blackmailed Kanye for $60 million.

Pisciotta’s Allegations Against Kanye

Lauren Pisciotta, who reportedly worked for Kanye for two years, has made serious allegations against the rapper. She claims that after being fired in 2022, she never received a promised $3 million severance package. Pisciotta alleges that Kanye sent her vulgar messages describing his sexual fantasies and engaged in sexual activities during phone conversations. TMZ reported these claims, adding that Pisciotta previously earned $1 million a year as an OnlyFans model before being hired by Kanye in July 2021.

Details from Pisciotta’s Lawsuit

Pisciotta’s lawsuit also mentions that Kanye shared pornographic content with her and asked her to delete her OnlyFans account to become more “God-like,” promising her an annual salary of $1 million in return. She claims that she was later promoted to Chief of Staff for Kanye’s companies, receiving a salary of $4 million. However, following her termination in October 2022, Pisciotta asserts that Kanye promised her a $3 million severance, which he never paid.

Legal Battle Ahead

Pisciotta has sued Kanye for sexual harassment, breach of contract, wrongful termination, and creating a hostile work environment. As the legal battle unfolds, Kanye’s countersuit for blackmail and extortion adds another layer of complexity to the case. Both sides present starkly different narratives, with Kanye’s legal team vehemently denying all allegations and Pisciotta standing by her claims of mistreatment.


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