Is This the Reason Behind Vikram’s Illness?

News Reports of Chiyaan Vikram’s cardiac arrest shocked one and all. Although it was later clarified as mild chest pain and nothing serious, there are discussions all around regarding the health of actors. The recent demise of Powerstar Puneet Rajkumar in the Kannada film industry is still paining a lot of cinephiles. Why did a seemingly fit Vikram get a heart problem?

Vikram is known to be a method actor. While shooting for Shankar Shamugam’s I-Sukumarudu movie, Vikram made drastic transformations in his body. Altering the physique in such a short time is a very dangerous thing for health. The actor himself revealed during ‘I’ interviews that the doctors too warned him not to repeat this kind of body change again. Method actors like Tom Hanks, Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, and Aamir Khan too do this kind of transforming body at will. Now, yet again for the movie Cobra, in which he will appear in 20 different roles.

According to sources, the actor again made some changes in his body to show the change over from one role to the other which affected his health very badly. Doctors are said to have warned him one last time not to trouble his body again. Right now, the fans are worried about Chiyaan’s health and are praying for him to recover soon. Along with Cobra, he stars in Maniratnam’s magnum opus Ponnian Selvan as Aditya Karikalan.


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