Is That an Old Video of Vikram?

As the news of Chiyaan Vikram getting admitted to the hospital went viral, his fans were very concerned about his well-being. There were posts saying he got a cardiac arrest which is quite a dangerous sign. But, as Dhruva Vikram clarified the rumours and revealed that his Appa is well, everyone felt a sigh of relief. Following this, a video of Vikram saying thank you to his fans has become viral for the past two days. Vikram is seen in the background of his home, smiling and thanking people a lot but there is no mention regarding his health or any clarity on what context he was speaking. Though fans are stressing that this is a new video, in fact.. fact-finders say that it is not.
According to Kollywood sources, Vikram is still under the care of doctors in Kauveri hospital. Though he is doing good and is very well, it is said that doctors asked Chiyaan to stay in the hospital for some time as a precautionary measure. He might be discharged today or tomorrow, they say. In this age of the internet, it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish between a fact and a fake. Meanwhile, Vikram will be seen in Cobra and Ponnian Selvan movies this year. It’s noteworthy that the actor is playing 20 different roles in Cobra which surpass Kamal Hassan’s Dasavatharam.


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