Fans Pulling Down the Image Tollywood!

With the Baahubali series and now RRR, director SS Rajamouli has taken the Indian film in front of the world. Especially, the Telugu film industry made a name for itself. Earlier, even the majority of the Hindi audience didn’t know that Tollywood existed. It was all about Bollywood in the north and Tamil cinema in the south. SSR changed everything. As for RRR, it’s the most talked-about Indian cinema in Hollywood. It’s been the top Indian cinema on Netflix worldwide for the past few months.

To impress an industry like Hollywood which looks down upon other films of the world is not at all easy work. Yet RRR had done that and now from top most directors to actors and media in the western hemisphere, the Ntr and Ramcharan’s multistarrer is being lauded like anything. Some journalists are even asking to get RRR the best foreign film.

But, as the movie is trying to raise the bar, the Tollywood fans are pulling down all the hard-earned good name of the industry. No matter who compliments the RRR movie on social media, Ntr and Ramcharan fans appear in the comments and ask those celebs to tell who, of the two heroes, is their favourite. If that particular celeb takes a name, then the fans of other hero are abusing them or sometimes trolling the other hero. Having a rivalry is one thing but taking down the prestige of Tollywood and the Indian film industry by these kinds of actions is completely unacceptable, says the observers.

“If possible, say thank you to those Hollywood stars for recognising the hard work of Indian filmmakers. At least be responsible in saving the name of India and Telugu while commenting under the post of Hollywood celebrities”, fumes the cine experts. For now, RRR’s craze is spreading like a wildfire in the west. It has to be seen if this newfound likening to Indian film might get the film into any bigger awards.


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