Esha Gupta Confesses On Starting Family Soon

Esha Gupta, known for her role in “Aashram,” is eagerly anticipating starting a family with her Spanish entrepreneur beau, Manuel Campos Guallar. In a heartfelt interview, she shared her aspirations for marriage, children, and a tranquil family life. Esha, who also starred in “Raaz 3D,” expressed her contentment with her spiritual journey and her decision to step away from the competitive film industry.

Esha Gupta Relationship

Discussing her relationship with Manuel Campos Guallar, the 38-year-old actress revealed that he played a pivotal role in launching a restaurant venture in Spain. In her conversation with the Times of India, she humorously remarked on the security he has brought to her life, half-jokingly insisting on marriage due to their deep bond. Esha hinted that wedding bells might be ringing soon, indicating that marriage is definitely in their future plans.

Prioritizing her well-being, Esha Gupta confessed that her current focus is on her health, with marriage and motherhood as eventual goals. She reflected on the significant positive changes in her life over the past two years, attributing them to divine grace. The dream of motherhood has always been close to her heart, and she is preparing for that chapter in her life.

For Esha, the star of “Rustom,” the thought of a life without children and dogs is unimaginable. These two elements represent the essence of companionship and unconditional love for her.

Esha On Becoming Mother

In a surprising revelation, Esha shared that she took proactive steps towards motherhood by freezing her eggs in 2017. Well, before her relationship with Manuel began. She described this decision as a smart move during her single years, which lasted over three years before their serendipitous meeting in 2019. Their relationship, which started in neither’s home country, quickly evolved from casual dating to a committed partnership, with both parties sharing the same vision for their future.

Esha was upfront with Manuel about her desires for marriage and starting a family. Her love for children is matched by Manuel’s readiness to embrace fatherhood. The couple remains open to various paths to parenthood, including IVF, surrogacy, and adoption, keeping their options flexible.

Esha Gupta Work Front

Looking ahead, Esha Gupta’s career is set to flourish with an exciting slate of films. That  includes “Murder 4,” “Desi Magic,” and the much-anticipated “Hera Pheri 3.”

Esha Gupta’s journey reflects a woman who has found balance. Also fulfillment in her personal life with a supportive partner by her side. Her proactive approach to family planning is winning hearts. Her openness to different methods of becoming a parent showcase her adaptability and forward-thinking mindset.

She continues to focus on her health and prepare for the joys of motherhood. Her professional life also promises new ventures. She ensures a busy and bright future for the actress.


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