“Don’t use my name & pictures”; Rajinikanth sends notice

South Indian Superstar Rajinikanth has issued a warning of legal action against those who use his name, image, voice, etc. commercially without his permission. His lawyer, S. Elambharathi, has released a public notice stating that the actor has exclusive control over the commercial use of his personality and anyone who infringes upon it will face civil and criminal proceedings.

The notice also states that some platforms and product manufacturers have been misusing Rajinikanth’s name, image, voice, etc. to mislead the public and sell products and that this is unauthorized. The notice serves as a reminder that the commercial exploitation of an individual’s personality is a serious matter and that those who engage in such activity do so at their own risk.

“His charisma and nature as an actor and human being have earned him the title of ‘Superstar’ called by millions and millions of his fans across the world. The sheer proportion of his fan base and his respect across the film industry is unmatched and indisputable. Any damage to his reputation or personal life would entail a great loss to our client.” read the notice.

We have to see what reactions will be out for this statement. Coming to movies Rajinikanth will be seen in Jailer directed by Nelson Dilip kumar.

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