Director Not Interested in Megastar Project?

Every film director will have the aim of working with the top-tier stars in the industry. When given a chance, they generally work day and night and will try to prove their mettle. But, working with a star with an idea developed by the director himself is different from being forced to work on a point by the star. Currently, Godfather’s director Mohan Raja is facing the same situation. The talent he has was seen in the original version of Ram Charan’s Dhruva, Thani Oruvan. At first, Dhurva was to be made by Mohan himself. But for some reason, Surender Reddy had to direct the film. Back then, Chiru gave word to Mohan Raja that he will act in his direction. Keeping his word, he has been given the opportunity of directing Lucifer’s remake for Mohan Raja.

But the fact is, Mohan wanted to make a fresh subject with Megastar and not a remake. As his storylines were rejected by Chiru, he was ultimately led back to directing God Father with no choice left. According to the inside sources, even though he is directing the project, Mohan Raja is working half-heartedly. They say that the result could be seen in the recent teaser. The entry of Chiru is seen in a most ordinary way. The teaser cut was average and worse than these, is a typo error in Chiranjeevi’s name. Being a remake movie, the project will take shape automatically even when the director is not having his complete focus on the project. Fans have to wait until Dasara to see how good or bad Mohan Raja’s directorial is.


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