Dance Master Fires on Nithin!

Dance Master cum Amma Rajasekhar is already having a reputation for a bad temper. He has shown it once again in a recent event, that too, on a star hero like Nithin. Currently, Amma is producing and acting as a hero in a film called High-five. The flicks event was held on Sunday to which the dance master invited actor Nithin as a chief guest. But Nithin was unable to attend the event saying he was suffering from fever. This irked Amma for some reason and he accused Nithin of willingly bunking the event. He became emotional while speaking and even cursed and challenged Nithin. It is interesting to note that he called the hero as ‘Vadu’. A term not often used for stars on stage.
“I have invited Nithin to this function as back as 10 days. He said he will come and I trusted his word. I watched all of his movies to make an AV and present him while he is here. I thought of giving him the best AV he has seen. I didn’t even take food until the completion of that. I trusted him. He doesn’t know how to dance. Even from the starting, I had taught him dance and gave him a position as a guru to him. I believed he will come to the event with that respect. Right now, there is no shooting for him. He is at home saying fever. I asked him at least to give a byte to the event. He didn’t do that as well. I want to say one thing. The one who forgets the people responsible for his success will never ever become a superstar. This is the first time I am hurt this bad. They think we are fruits and they can eat and throw away. But we will again come back as a tree from the seeds. This is my first production. I trusted Nithin will be here to encourage me. He was very very close to me. This made me very very upset. One should never forget his mother and Guru. He could have said that he won’t come if he doesn’t have the interest. But rather, he insulted me by saying he will come. Nithin, let’s see in our life” said the dance master.
While some are showing their solidarity for him, Nithin fans have taken this to their heart. Many fans of him are seen abusing Amma Rajasekhar for his statement about Nithin. We have to see if the Youth Star will respond to this controversy.


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