Bimbisara, a Reincarnation Saga in Grandeur!

After a break, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is coming to silver screens with Bimbisara. With a socio-fantasy plot, the film has already received positive buzz all around with the first-look posters and teaser. Mallidi Vashist is debuting as director with this movie. Kalyan Ram must be said to be daring to trust a debut director with a complicated script like the Bimbisara. The film’s trailer is released on July 4th on the eve of the birthday of Hero Kalyan Ram. The film seems to be a high-value production with huge CG and visual grandeur. The trailer revealed a lot about the story of the film.

The trailer starts with a boy questioning his father about where they are going. The latter replies that they are going to the kingdom of the great king Bimbisara. Kalyan Ram looks dashing both in the Bimbisara look and the modern look as well. While the flashback is all about King Bimbisara and how cruel he is, the new age protagonist looks like a good guy and fights for society. There are a few shots in the trailer that indicate that Bimbisara will be back in the body of modern Kalyan Ram at times. Background music aptly suited and lifted the trailer. Katherine Tresa and Samyuktha Menon will be seen as the female leads of the film. While Chirantan Bhatt provided the tunes, MM Keeravani provided the BGM score. The flick will be released worldwide on August 5th.


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