Ayodhya: These stars donated to build Ayodhya Ram Temple!

The prestigious Sri Ram Mandir inauguration in Ayodhya is set to be held on January 22 in the country, and many states have declared state holidays. Arrangements for this program are going smoothly. In a few hours, this great event, which has been waiting for many decades, is going to start. Many celebrities received invitations to participate in the temple inauguration celebrations.

People from all over the country are ready to participate in the opening ceremony of Ram Mandir. However, many prominent actors from the film industry also actively participated in the construction of Ram Mandira. Many stars from Bollywood to Tollywood have contributed huge donations to the construction of Ram Mandir.

1. Pawan Kalyan
It is noteworthy that Pawan Kalyan is the only one from Tollywood among the star heroes who donated to the construction of Ayodhya. Power Star Pawan Kalyan from Tollywood donated more than 30 lakhs for the construction of Ayodhya Ram Mandir.

2. Praneetha Subhash
Among the Kollywood celebrities, heroine Praneetha Subhash was the only one who donated. Heroine Pranitha Subhash from South has donated 1 lakh to the nationwide campaign undertaken by Sri Rama Janmabhoomi Tirthakshetra.

3. Akshay Kumar
Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar revealed that he had donated to the construction of Ram Mandir. However, Akshay did not want to reveal the amount donated.

4. Anupam Kher
Another senior Bollywood actor, Anupam Kher, donated bricks for the construction of Ram Mandir. Anupam revealed this on the social media platform, saying that he was lucky to be gifted bricks by Ayodhya.

5. Hema Malini
Bollywood’s dream girl, Hema Malini, has given a huge donation for the construction of Ayodhya.

6. Gautam Gambhir
The star cricketer made a huge donation to Ram Mandhir.

7. Gurmeet Chaudhary
Hindi TV actor Gurmeet Chaudhary also contributed to the construction of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir.

8. Mukesh Khanna
Mukesh Khanna of Shaktiman fame 1.11 lakhs

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