Avneet Kaur’s reacts to Cannes Debut trolls

Avneet Kaur made her debut at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, unveiling the first look of Omung Kumar’s Love in Vietnam alongside Shantanu Maheshwari. Avneet made a splash in a stunning navy blue outfit, marking her entry into the prestigious event.

Addressing the Negativity

Despite the excitement surrounding her Cannes debut, Avneet Kaur faced criticism and negative responses. In an interview with a source, she expressed her confusion and disappointment over the backlash. She questioned the unnecessary negativity and emphasized that attending Cannes was a significant achievement. Avneet highlighted that people should feel proud and happy when someone from their nation makes it to such a global platform.

Avneet pointed out that her appearance at Cannes was to promote her film, Love in Vietnam. She shared that her co-star, Taha Shah, was also there for a similar purpose. Avneet urged the audience to be supportive of actors representing their country on international stages. She stressed the importance of celebrating each other’s successes rather than spreading negativity.

A Gesture of Respect

At Cannes, Avneet Kaur wore a navy blue outfit with a long train, paired with blue heels. She made a traditional Indian gesture by touching the ground of the red carpet and then her forehead, showing respect. Avneet’s smile and wave for the cameras added to her memorable debut. She later shared a video on Instagram, expressing her joy and pride in creating history at the Cannes Red Carpet.

Avneet mentioned that this year has been special for India, with many talents representing the nation at Cannes. She praised Nancy Tyagi for her remarkable presence on the Internet and emphasized the need for mutual support among artists. Avneet’s experience at Cannes highlights the importance of positivity and encouragement within the entertainment industry.


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