Amar Singh Chamkila Star Cast Remuneratin Leaves You In Awee

The Netflix film “Amar Singh Chamkila” has garnered rave reviews, with particular praise for Diljit Dosanjh and Parineeti Chopra’s performances. Directed by Imtiaz Ali, the movie has been hailed as one of the top productions of the year. It delves into the life of the controversial Punjabi musician Amar Singh Chamkila. Rumors suggest that both actors received substantial salaries for their roles, a testament to their deserving performances.

While Chamkila and his wife Amarjot Kaurs might have been partners, Diljit and Parineeti have been paid according to the length of their roles in the film. Since it is a biopic on Chamkila, the Punjabi actor has been paid higher.

Parineeti Chopra’s Paycheck To Play Amarjot

Pari reportedly gave up on Sandeep Reddy Vanga‘s Animal to dedicate her entire time to the Chamkila biopic. Her decision has definitely paid off since her performance is ranked on the same pedestal as Diljit’s. Parineeti, according to reports, has been paid 2 crore to play Amar Singh Chamkila’s wife, Amarjot Kaur, in the film.

Dilijit Dosanjh’s 100% Higher Fee!

Diljit, on the other hand, has been paid almost twice Parineeti’s amount for the biopic. His 4 crore paycheck for the film, however, might be way less than the love and accolades he is receiving for the film. Reports suggest that Diljit was recently paid 3 crore for the heist comedy Crew starring Kareena Kapoor Khan, Tabu, and Kriti Sanon.

Amar Singh Chamkila’s Real Salary

Chamkila rose to fame slowly, and before Amarjot, he used to sing and perform with a singer, Surinder Sonia. Reports suggest that the singer, who used to sing with Surinder Shinda, joined hands with Chamkila after he left on a solo singing tour to Canada.

Surinder Sonia was an A-grade singer and associated with Charanjeet Ahuja. She joined Chamkila, and they performed together in many Akhadas. In 1979, their first record was also released. However, While Sonia was paid Rs 600 for every Akhada she performed, Chamkila had to settle at much less, only Rs 200.

Realizing how Sonia was being paid 200% more than Chamkila, he reasoned out that he was the lyricist, composer, and singer of the song since the payment dynamics were unfair. Later, when his plea was rejected, he walked out of the jodi, and the rest, as they say, is history.


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