Akhil’s Agent Teaser Is Out!

The teaser of Akkineni Akhil’s most anticipated movie, Agent is out. As announced earlier, the movie team released the teaser on the evening of Friday. The teaser starts with Mammootty’s monologue saying that Akhil is ‘The most Notorious ruthless patriot’ and Indian government officials asking Mammootty if they can catch him or not. He is unpredictable, replies the Mallu megastar. The teaser suggests that the movie might be mostly taking place in a foreign land. Mammootty declares to the senior officials that the Agent’s death note has already been written which makes it very intriguing. The heroine of the flick Sakshi Vaidya is seen in a frame calling Akhil ‘Wild Saale’!

After 0.36 seconds, Akhil’s voice is heard for the first time in the teaser saying it’s time for a wild ride. He is seen jumping out of his Lamborghini and taking on goons with two rifles while dancing. The most impressive shot of the teaser is Akhil bringing out two huge boxes from a container while flaunting his well-toned abs. This shot will definitely be a goosebumps moment for Akkineni Fans in the theatre. The star has built up a massive body for the film. The teaser ends with Akhil shouting a beep word and daring someone to shoot him while driving a jeep. Overall, as per the teaser, Akhil’s role in the movie could be an agent of an Indian intelligence agency and has gone rogue while in the operation.

Hip-hop Tamizha’s background score is scintillating. DOP Rasool Ellore’s visuals are outstanding. Overall, the teaser lived up to the huge expectations. Being released in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada languages, there is every chance for the action entertainer flick to be a successful film. Akkineni fans are already in full swing on social media expressing that their Ayyagaru will get a sure-shot blockbuster with this film. Directed by Surender Reddy, Agent is bankrolled by AK Entertainments and Surender2cinema banners. Vakkantham Vamsi has penned the story.



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