A Hero from Ravi Teja’s family?

In Telugu Film Industry, Ravi Teja has a special place, just like Megastar Chiranjeevi. He didn’t have any background or prior friends in the film industry. His journey starts from an assistant director to actor, and finally becoming an established star in Tollywood is not an easy task. As he paved the way, his brothers Bharat and Raghu followed him. Though they were given ample chances, they never settled completely as actors in the industry. But, the latest news is good news for Ravi Teja’s fans. A new hero is coming out of Ravi’s family. Mass Maharaj has a son named Mahajan and played a child character of Ravi Teja in Raja The Great. But he is still a kid and has a lot of journey ahead before entering the industry. The new hero that’s coming is the son of Raghu, Madhav. Now at 21, it is said that he earned all the requirements of an actor through rigorous training.

He will make his debut with a different kind of love story, say the sources close to their family. The announcement regarding this movie is expected to be out very soon. They said that Ravi is taking complete care of every aspect of Madhav’s first movie. From the script to casting, Ravi Teja was particular about everything. We have to wait and see what this young scion looks like.


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