Ranveer Singh Addresses Speculation Surrounding Pictures

Rumors sparked speculation in Bollywood circles when actor Ranveer Singh recently removed his wedding pictures with wife Deepika Padukone from his Instagram profile. However, at a recent event, Ranveer appeared to quell the rumors once and for all.

Attachment to Sentimental Jewelry

During the event, Ranveer was asked about his favorite pieces of jewelry, to which he expressed a deep attachment to his wedding ring. He described it as a precious item with significant personal and sentimental value. Speaking to Vogue, the actor shared his sentiments, stating, “Personal, sentimental value attached to them are my favourite, most dear pieces,” before elaborating on his wedding ring.

Precious Mementos

Ranveer elaborated on the significance of his wedding ring, which was presented to him by his wife, Deepika Padukone. He also mentioned other cherished pieces of jewelry, including a platinum engagement ring, his mother’s diamond earrings, and his grandmother’s pearls. This insight into his personal treasures sheds light on the sentimental value he places on these items.

Archiving Instagram Posts

Fans recently noticed a change in Ranveer’s Instagram profile, with all posts dating before 2023 being archived, including the wedding pictures. As a result, his oldest visible post now dates back to January 24, 2023. This move has sparked curiosity among followers, especially considering Deepika also archived their wedding pictures on her Instagram page some time ago.

Professional Endeavors

Despite the personal adjustments on social media, both Ranveer and Deepika remain focused on their professional careers. Ranveer’s latest post, shared on April 26, 2024, features him alongside Alia Bhatt in an advertisement. Meanwhile, Deepika is set to appear in the film *Singham Again*, where she will portray Shakti Shetty in the action-packed venture directed by Rohit Shetty.

Anticipation of Parenthood

Married since November 2018, Ranveer and Deepika are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child, expected in September 2024. Their journey into parenthood marks a new chapter in their lives, adding to the excitement surrounding their relationship both on and off-screen.


While speculation may arise from changes in social media activity, Ranveer Singh’s recent statements about his cherished wedding ring underscore the importance of sentimentality in his life. As the couple prepares to embrace parenthood, their fans eagerly await updates on both their personal and professional endeavors.


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