Top Director’s Wife Filed for Divorce?

He was a star director a few years back. His movies are always known for their comedy tracks and a lot of them were blockbusters. Even after making movies with many superstars, the director is left behind because of a few flops which had hit him hard. Currently, he doesn’t have any movies in his kitty and is waiting for the correct opportunity to stage a comeback. Along with his professional life, the director’s personal life is seeing many hiccups. There were rumors back in the day that he and his wife aren’t gelling up well even after having two children. When the director’s wife used to post family pictures on her social media accounts, everyone thought that things are falling in place for the couple. But they are not.

Unfortunately for the director, the situation grew worse. So much that the wife of the director is said to have applied for divorce in court. Some sources say that the couple is already living separate lives for the past few years. There seems to be a few misunderstandings between the couple which further multiplied into quarrels. The elders on both sides tried their best to patch up both at least for the sake of their children but in vain. At present, the director is left at crossroads with no movies or no personal life ahead. His fans are wishing that he will be back again..ironing out all the roughs of his life. For the sake of Cinema, let’s hope so too.


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