Ram Charan Going Hollywood?

SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus RRR has brought the stars of the movie Ram Charan and Ntr, pan-world stardom. The movie is still roaring on Netflix worldwide as the highest-watched Indian film. Many Hollywood media houses have lauded the movie RRR for its cinematic precision and the emotional roller coaster ride. There are few reporters who opined in their articles that the star cast, especially Ram Charan can be roped in by prestigious franchises like Marvel or DC showcasing him as an Indian superhero. It seems that his words might finally take a shape. There are rumours going on around the Telugu film industry that Cherry was approached by a top production house in Hollywood.

If the reports are to be believed, Ram Charan might be playing the role of a superhero or a spy in those projects. If all goes well, there might even be a future franchise too for this film, they say. If true, this is one of the biggest happenings in the Indian film Industry. Few actors from India tried their luck in Hollywood but none to date were roped in as the main protagonist. As RRR is raking in good reviews across the world including in Hollywood, there might be a very good chance that these reports might be true. Already, the Telugu film industry has become a phenomenon at the pan-India level. Is the next target a Pan-world? Let’s see.


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