Neetu is not interested in teaching Alia about Life! Why?

Alia Bhatt, The Bollywood queen and B Town play boy are one of the most loved and trending couples. These actors were in a private relationship for few years and then moved in together. After 5 years of relationship and Understanding each other. This couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at their residence. And now, they are the proud parents of a baby girl named ‘Raha Kapoor’.

Both actors are at the peak of their careers and tremendously growing in their respective fields. Alia made her hollywood debut when she is pregnant with Raha and she also recieved the National Award after being a mom. Ranbir has been doing blockbusters and never before Avatars.

Alia’s MIL, Neetu Kapoor recently made an entry in Koffee With karan and revealed alot of interesting things. When Karan asked neetu, ”What is the one thing that you want Alia and Ranbir to learn from your relationship with Rishi Jii?”

To this, Neetu was surprised and gave a big laugh and said ‘nothing’. ”Absolutely nothing, The generation is completely different and there’s nothing in common to both of us, I don’t want Alia to go through anything that I went through and I Just want them to be happy with what they have and how they wanna be”.

This made ways to many speculations, What does neetu mean when she said ‘I don’t want Alia go through what I did’, Did Rishi been a toxic man? or were there any unusual problems in their relationships? Why does Neetu not want Alia to have any of her qualities? Does that mean she doesn’t want to boss over Alia or she doesn’t care about her relationship with her son or she truly wants alia to be happy? Well there are no perfect answers to this questions

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