Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh Sensation in Mysore!

Actor Senior Naresh and character actress Pavithra Lokesh have become the talk of Tollywood for the past few days. It’s already evident that the couple is in a live-in relationship. Though this is their personal affair and need not be sensationalized, the reality is quite opposite. Naresh’s third wife Ramya Raghupathi is bringing Naresh’s personal affair to the media. In the latest breaking news, she caught both the actors in a star hotel in Mysore. Ramya brought police and media with her to expose Naresh. This has been the breaking news for Karnataka media all Sunday. In the video, Naresh is seen coming out with Pavithra from their hotel room while the police and the actors’ personal security are protecting them.

On the other hand, Ramya tries to hit Naresh with her slipper and instead hit the lady constable present over there. The constable was seen questioning Ramya about her manners. Meanwhile Naresh while leaving the hotel in life, whistled to her third wife and repeatedly called her an out-of-mind person and Fraud. It’s noteworthy that recently, Pavithra has informed the audience through her social media that she is not responsible in any way for Naresh and Ramya’s break up and Ramya trying to gain attention by conducting press meets in Karnataka rather than in Hyderabad. According to reports, Naresh will be marrying Pavithra soon and the actress.. who is not on good terms with her current husband is on similar thoughts they say. But before that, Naresh has to divorce Ramya. He has accused Ramya is a fraud and she is not willing to divorce him until he pays her a huge sum. Overall, the issue of Naresh’s affair is heating up by the day.

Here is the link to that video.



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