Naga Chaitanya Visited a Village to learn about their lifestyle.

Naga Chaitanya

As the sun rose over the azure waters of the Bay of Bengal, Naga Chaitanya, Chandoo Mondeti, and Bunny Vas arrived in K Matchilesam village, where the fishermen community lives harmoniously with the sea. Their presence evoked excitement and joy among the villagers, who were eager to welcome the talented trio. The group spent the day interacting with the fishermen’s families, keenly listening to their stories of perseverance, hope, and unity. They learned about the challenges faced by the community due to unpredictable weather, changing fishing regulations, and the impact of modernization on their traditional livelihoods.

Naga Chaitanya, known not only for his acting prowess but also for his compassionate nature, expressed his heartfelt admiration for the resilient spirit of the fishermen. He assured them that their tales would serve as an inspiration for the upcoming film, aiming to shed light on their struggles and bring their voices to a wider audience. Director Chandoo Mondeti was visibly moved by the warmth and hospitality extended by the villagers. He stated that their genuine warmth and simplicity touched his heart, and he was committed to portraying their lives authentically on the silver screen. Bunny Vas, the producer, expressed his gratitude to the fishermen’s community for welcoming the team with open arms. He emphasized that their film would be a tribute to the indomitable spirit of the people in K Matchilesam and a celebration of their vibrant culture.

Naga Chaitanya, Chandoo Mondeti, and Bunny Vas’s visit to K Matchilesam Village in Srikakulam was not just a mere publicity event but a genuine attempt to connect with the local community and draw inspiration for their next untitled movie, directed by Chandoo Mondeti. Their gesture of spending time with the fishermen’s families showcased their commitment to bringing meaningful stories to the silver screen. As #NC23 gains momentum, fans eagerly await the release of the film, hoping it will not only entertain but also create awareness and empathy for the lives of the fishermen in K Matchilesam. Through their work, the talented trio aims to shine a spotlight on the resilience and spirit of the unsung heroes of the coastal community, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers across the world.

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