Music Directors in Tollywood: Outsiders Taking Over..!

In recent times, Tollywood, the Telugu film industry, has seen a rise in Tamil and Malayalam music directors making their mark. This shows that more outsiders are dominating the Telugu film scene.

Usually, Tollywood has its own talented music directors, but now filmmakers are turning to those from neighbouring states. A.R. Rahman, GV Prakash, Anirudh Ravichander, and Gopi Sunder have successfully crossed over and become popular in Telugu cinema. The main reason for this change is that local options are limited.

Filmmakers often rely on the same few composers, like Devi Sri Prasad and Thaman, who are in high demand and may not always be available. So, they are exploring opportunities with music directors from outside who bring a fresh perspective and different musical styles to the movies.

While it may seem like outsiders are taking over, this trend also shows the willingness of the film industry to collaborate and embrace talent from different regions. It brings new flavours to Tollywood’s music and adds excitement to the industry.

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