Megastar’s Warning to his Team!

Megastar Chiranjeevi is not a person who is known to be losing his temper frequently. But, it seems that his PR team’s latest mistake has made him lose his cool. In his latest God Father movie’s first look release, his name was erroneously typed with three E’s instead of two E’s. This gave way to a lot of discussions in Tollywood. Many speculated that Chiru has added an extra E to his name based on Numerology. Acharya flop has shown a terrible effect on the star, they said. Believing the speculations, many mega fans expressed their displeasure to see the change in the very name that brought Chiru from Siva Sankara Vara Prasad to Megastar. All this unnecessary discussion was created because of the negligence of the PR team which looks after all the affairs of the Megastar very carefully. (Read More)

Chiru was said to have flared up on this mistake and gave a sweet warning to his team regarding the same. He warned them to be careful further and not make a mess of any updates. Directed by Mohan Raja, the God Father is a remake Malayalam film Lucifer. Coming to Chiru’s first look, except for fans, it didn’t get many good reviews partly owing to the comparison between Mohanlal’s entry in the original. Many Telugu people have already seen Lucifer on Amazon Prime. Now, as Chiru is making the same movie, there will definitely be a lot of comparisons. Most importantly, as those who have seen Lucifer know the storyline, it won’t be an easy task either for Mohan Raja or Chiranjeevi to make the flick interesting. It has to be seen how they will navigate through these rough waters.


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