Kiran Rao reveals the Truth Behind Her Divorce from Aamir Khan

Kiran Rao Divorce from Aamir Khan

In a candid and heartfelt revelation, filmmaker Kiran Rao recently opened up about her divorce from Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan. The couple, once considered a power duo in the Indian film industry, parted ways amicably, but their separation left fans curious about the reasons behind their split.

Living Together Before Marriage: A Bond Strengthened

Kiran and Aamir’s love story began long before they tied the knot. They chose to live together nearly a year before their marriage, a decision that deepened their connection and reaffirmed their faith in the institution of marriage. Their shared experiences during this period laid the foundation for what would later become a significant chapter in their lives.

The Need for Personal Space

As time passed, Kiran began to feel the need for personal space. Despite their strong bond, she realized that individual growth and independence were essential for both partners. In an interview with Brut, Kiran candidly expressed this sentiment, emphasizing that sometimes even the most loving relationships require breathing room.

Approaching Divorce Fearlessly

Kiran responded with remarkable courage when asked whether she was apprehensive about ending her marriage with Aamir Khan. She explained that she didn’t harbor much fear as she approached the process gradually, at her own pace. Her decision was rooted in self-awareness and a desire for authenticity.

Co-Parenting and Respectful Bonds

Despite their divorce, Kiran and Aamir continue to co-parent their son, Aazad Rao Khan, with utmost care. Their commitment to providing a stable and loving environment for their child remains unwavering. Kiran also highlighted the respectful bond she maintains with her ex-husband, emphasizing that their separation did not diminish their mutual respect and affection.

Integral Parts of Each Other’s Lives

Kiran spoke fondly of her relationship not only with Aamir but also with his family. She described Aamir’s mother, Zeenat Hussain, as the “apple of her eye.” Despite the divorce, Kiran and her son remain integral parts of Aamir Khan’s family, demonstrating that love and kinship transcend legal ties.

Minimizing Impact on Their Son

Kiran’s priority throughout the divorce process was to minimize any impact on their son, Azaad. She and Aamir shared a common goal: to end their social contract smoothly, ensuring that their child remained unaffected by their personal choices. Their commitment to co-parenting extends beyond legal boundaries.

In conclusion, Kiran Rao’s candid revelations shed light on the complexities of relationships, the importance of personal growth, and the resilience required to navigate life’s transitions. Her story serves as a reminder that even in separation, love and respect can endure, transcending the confines of marriage.


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