Keerthy Suresh to get married soon?

Keerthy Suresh, the talented and versatile South Indian actress, has been making headlines recently due to rumours surrounding her alleged wedding with music director Anirudh Ravichander. As fans eagerly speculated about their relationship, Keerthy finally addressed the buzz in an exclusive interview. There were alot of times where the news of Keerthy Suresh to get married circulated all over.

The Alleged Romance back then:

Keerthy shot to fame with her remarkable portrayal of legendary actress Savitri in the 2018 film “Mahanati”. Her impeccable acting skills and global appeal have solidified her position as a bankable star. However, her personal life has recently captured the public’s attention. Reports suggested that Keerthy and Anirudh planned to take their rumoured relationship to the next level by tying the knot later this year.

Keerthy Sets the Record Straight

In a candid conversation with Times Now, Keerthy dismissed the wedding rumors and clarified her relationship with Anirudh. She firmly stated, “It is wrong news. Anirudh is a friend of mine.” Her straightforward response put an end to the speculations that had been swirling around the duo. Keerthy’s emphasis on their friendship highlights the importance of separating professional collaborations from personal associations.

Anirudh’s Role

Anirudh Ravichander, a renowned music composer, has collaborated with Keerthy on several projects. Their professional synergy led to a strong bond, fueling the gossip mills. However, Keerthy’s recent statement confirms that their relationship remains platonic. Anirudh’s contribution to the industry and his friendship with Keerthy continue to be the focus, rather than any romantic entanglements.

Keerthy’s Father Weighs In

Keerthy’s father also addressed the rumors, dismissing them as baseless. He emphasized that this wasn’t the first time his daughter had faced link-up speculations. According to him, there’s “absolutely no truth” to the reports of Keerthy and Anirudh’s impending wedding. He echoed Keerthy’s sentiment, emphasizing their friendship and professional collaboration.

Keerthy Suresh to get married

While Keerthy quashed the wedding rumors, she did acknowledge that marriage would happen “at some point in time.” Her statement leaves room for future possibilities, but for now, the actress remains focused on her career and friendships. As fans eagerly await her next project, Keerthy’s clarity about her relationship status puts an end to the swirling gossip and reaffirms her commitment to her craft.

Now there is another news circulating all over. Reportedly, Keerthy is all set to tie the knot very soon. Now, The groom is not a celebrtity or actor, but it’s her childhood friend. There is no confirmation about it yet, but close sources says that this is going to be another iconic wedding for sure.


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