Is it too Risky for Akhil’s Agent?

Akkineni Akhil finally saw a much-needed hit with Most Eligible Bachelor. Even though it’s a relief, Akkineni Scion is looking for a mass star image and has all his hopes pinned on the upcoming ‘Agent’ movie. Directed by the ace director Surender Reddy, the role of the protagonist of the movie is said to be an agent of the Indian Secret Service RAW. The first looks released till now have already garnered good responses all around. According to the inside sources, a whopping Rs 60-70 Crores are being invested in this project. This has become the talk of Tollywood trade sources.

With an actor who has just a handful of movies and a not-so-great track record, it’s a surprise to see so much money being poured onto the project, they say. Is it the confidence in the script and director or the makers are trusting Akhil’s market too much? The movie team says that the project and storyline demand this range of budget and Surender is not compromising on making. Being one of the producers through his banner Surender 2 Cinema, the Sye Raa director is said to be investing his entire remuneration for the film. According to the trade pundits, the movie must collect at least Rs 100 Crores to say it’s safe.

The project’s craze might help it have a blockbuster pre-release business. But the real test will be in a theatrical run. If the movie and Akhil can reach the hype that is created on the project, the movie team can rest assured that the investment is safe. According to the latest update, the movie might postpone further to September from the already rumoured release month of August.


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