Hero Nithin Became Apprehensive?

Actors do not find any wrong with the new scripts coming to them when they are on a success streak. But once they taste the failure, most of the actors go into a shell and start nitpicking every small thing of the movie they need to do. Actor Nithin, who once faced a huge and lengthy flops streak, is currently in the latter stage. At one point of time in his career, Nithin faced a lineup of 12 utter flops which is a record to date in the Telugu film industry. No matter how many hits he has seen or will see, that unwanted record will always stay at the back of his mind, says his close associates. As his recent flick Macharla Niyojakavargam was an utter flop, he seems to have become very apprehensive in receiving new kinds of scripts and is taking every step very carefully, they say.

The MN film has good buzz prior to its release with less competition and all it needed was to be a good movie. But, the film failed miserably and returned very unfavorable reviews for Nithin. As a result, Nithin is now looking at every script for days and is taking his sweet time to accept a project. The sources say that he is not in any hurry to accept the films and is currently concentrating on quality rather than quantity. Earlier, he had okayed a film with writer Vakkantham Vamsi.

But after the Macharla result, Nithin is said to have asked Vamsi to tighten the script which resulted in further delay of the project. Vakkantham is said to have given the script refining duties to his writers’ team and he himself is going through the plot repeatedly. After Vamsi, Nithin has Surender Reddy’s project which might also depend on the result of Akhil’s Agent. It is interesting to see what kind of genre will Nithin pick up next. While Vakkantham’s script is more of an action entertainer, it’s being said that Nithin is looking at a romantic comedy genre similar to Ishq to get him back on the success track.


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