Here is the clue: KGF – Salaar link

Since the moment Salaar’s first-look came out, people have been speculating about its connection to the KGF franchise. Its truly amazing to see such conspiracy theories about our own south Indian cinema, as this is usually something you witness with western movie franchises like Marvel. With the rise of the LCU , cinephiles are hoping that Salaar and KGF together will make Prasant Neel’s own cinematic universe. Now coming to the many interesting theories; the first thing that got fans hooked to the idea of the two being related was time for the release of the teaser, 5:12am being the exact time shown on the clock when Rocky Bhai’s ship goes under at the climax of KGf 2.

Now that the teaser has dropped, the grungy cinematography and the similar over all vibe of both the films has also lead to people believing in the connection. Now this could also simply be due to the two movies having the same director and crew. But hoping for the former, the next thing that has caught people’s attention is a similar shot seen in the end credits of KGF 2 and Salaar’s teaser, with the same markings on the background. Possibly indicating that the two are related as a follow up of where Rocky ended up after the ship sank, or maybe that the films are set in the same place during the years between 1978 and 1981 when he was MIA. On the flip-side, cynics are saying that, as again, the films are made by the same producers and crew they could have just re-used a set. That the movie stands alone, but may be adapted from the directors ‘Ugramm’ is also speculated.

on the left a shot from KGF and on the right, from Salaar teaser
on the left a shot from KGF and on the right, from Salaar teaser

Another interesting correlation, is that the role of Salaar’s mom is played by Easwri Rao who also plays “Farhans” mom in KGF. Now that can’t be a coincidence! This has left fans theorizing that Salaar is none other than Farhan, whose death is never fully viewed by the audience. Propagating this theory is the definition of “Salaar”, meaning commander or chief. Could this mean that Salaar is Rocky’s commander of their kingdom? Did Prabhas look after things while Rocky was gone? Is the central sentiment of this movie friendship and the revenge of Salaar for his friend? Are the Africans Salaar is fighting a part of the gold trade route mentioned in KGF?

We’ll have to wait for the trailer and the movie to find out, but don’t let that stop you from coming up with your own theories!

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