Clarity About Mahesh’s Remunerations!

For the past few days, rumours have been doing rounds on social media regarding the remunerations of Superstar Mahesh Babu and Trivikram Srinivas for SSMB 28. They say that the star is taking home a whopping Rs 70 Crores as his remuneration while the director is getting a pay slip of Rs 50 Crores. This has shocked many because the project value with just their two remunerations will stand at Rs 120 Crores if true. This is equal to the budget of four or five small-budget films. Now, as the rumours spread more, the movie team is trying to clarify the issue. Defending the duo, the sources close to them revealed that the reports in the media are wrong.

According to them, Mahesh Babu never demands more remuneration. He knows his market and the amount he can take for a movie, they say. Mahesh generally takes the share rather than remuneration, which in turn helps the producer to invest more in the project rather than thinking about the money adjustment. Trivikram, on the other hand, has been doing films only with Haarika and Hassine Creations. It is an open secret that he has a share in the production house in which he will take a certain amount of profits as his remuneration. The talk that the director is taking home Rs 50 Crores is very much a false claim, said the sources. SSMB28, the third project of Mahesh and Trivikram, will be having an interesting script and different characterization of Superstar. Earlier, Mahesh’s dialogue delivery was given a make-over with Trivikram cinema Khaleja. Fans are expecting that the combo will set the box office on fire this time around.


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