John Krasinski’s “IF” Starring Ryan Reynolds: A Whimsical Box Office Triumph

John Krasinski’s “IF” Starring Ryan Reynolds: A Whimsical Box Office Triumph. In John Krasinski’s latest film, “IF,” the concept of imaginary friends takes center stage. The heartwarming story follows a young girl (played by Cailey Fleming) who befriends an imaginary character named “IF.” Ryan Reynolds lends his voice to this whimsical creation, while other A-list voices include Steve Carell, Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Louis Gossett Jr., Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and Maya Rudolph.

Global Debut Success

Despite facing stiff competition during the Memorial Day weekend, “IF” soared to the top of the US box office, raking in an impressive $35 million in its domestic debut. Paramount Pictures released the film in 4,041 locations across North America. Internationally, it continued its winning streak, earning an additional $20 million from 56 markets, resulting in a remarkable $55 million global opening.

Critical Reception and Audience Appeal

Critics have been divided on “IF,” with a current Rotten Tomatoes score of 49%. However, audiences disagreed, awarding the film an A CinemaScore. The family-friendly PG-rated movie resonated with viewers, especially as summer vacation begins for school-age children.

A Marathon, Not a Sprint

Unlike front-loaded superhero or horror films, family-oriented movies often follow a marathon trajectory at the box office. Last year, Pixar’s “Elemental” defied expectations by earning nearly $500 million globally despite a modest $29.5 million domestic opening. “IF” aims to replicate this success, promising longevity as families flock to theaters.

Indian Day 3 Box Office Collections

As of the third day of its release in India, “IF” has garnered ₹25 crore (approximately $3.4 million) at the box office. Indian audiences have embraced the enchanting tale, contributing significantly to its global success.


John Krasinski’s “IF” Starring Ryan Reynolds: A Whimsical Box Office Triumph. John Krasinski’s “IF” proves that original ideas can resonate with audiences worldwide. With its heartwarming story, talented voice cast, and strong box office performance, the film sets a positive tone for the summer movie season. As school lets out and families head to theaters, “IF” promises to be a delightful escape for viewers of all ages.


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