Noted comedian opens up on Bigg Boss show!

The organizers of Bigg Boss Season 6 have officially confirmed that the show will be going on air on 4th September, 2022. A lot of celebrities are in contention for the TV show and noted comedian Chalaki Chanti opened up on the show.

Usually, the participants who will be a part of the show won’t open up about their entry. But, surprisingly, Chanti said that he held talks with the organizers of Bigg Boss. “I had initiated talks with them and there are a couple of things pending to be discussed. The confirmation will be out soon,” he reportedly said.

Aadi Reddy, Geethu Royal, Sri Haas, Sri Satya, Chalaki Chanti, Deepika Pilli, Revanth, Arjun Kalyan, Aarohi Rao, Vasanthi Krishnan, Sudeepa and others are said to be in consideration of the show.

We also hear that RJ Surya, Mohana Bhogaraju, Neha Choudhary, Inaya Sulthana, Appa Rao, Tanmayi and others are also expected to be seen in the show.


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