Bigg Boss Telugu: Family Week underway

Bigg Boss Telugu TV show is finally into the 12th week and most surprisingly, it is the family week now. Usually, the family week will come much before than expected but this time, since the contestants are expecting families, Bigg Boss decided to push it forward.

Nagarjuna Akkineni is the host of the TV show. The TV show is currently not performing up to the mark. The selection of celebrities and their game play are the reasons for the poor show.

On the other hand, the TV show organizers did the nominations segment on a dull note in the current week. On Tuesday’s episode, we have seen the families of Rajasekhar and Adi Reddy in the house.

Adi Reddy’s wife and daughter has come to the house while Rajasekhar’s mother too made her entry.

We expect more family members to enter the house.


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