BBNS: Who Will Win The Trophy This Time?

Bigg Boss Non-Stop is into the last stage now. The audiences are now aware of the top 7 finalists and everyone is super excited to witness the grand finale in the coming weekend.

With Natraj’s elimination in the 11th week, the fight for the title just got intensified. Bindu Madhavi, Akhil, Ariyana, Anil, Shiva, Mithra, and Baba Bhaskar stood in the top 7 places.

Despite playing very well, Natraj master had to take the exit door from the TV show because of his behavior in the last two weeks. Natraj who can’t take failure outpours his emotions wrongly on other housemates. The same happened in the eleventh week when he had arguments with tough competitors Bindu and Akhil.

With 7 members in the grand finale, the title race is largely restricted between the two. One of them is Bindu Madhavi who is a new contestant on the show and the other one is Akhil Sarthak who was the finalist in the fourth season of the Bigg Boss TV show.

A few sections of the audience are very sure that Bindhu Madhavi will be the winner of Bigg Boss Non-Stop. Be it in maintaining a cordial relationship with others or making her points clear during the nominations, Bindu has been consistent throughout the game.

On the other hand, Akhil is looking strong with his friendly nature with co-contestants. However, the winner will be determined by the number of votes received by the contestant and the voting lines are currently open.


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