Bangarraju Was Better Than Bheemla!

No one would have even thought of it, but it’s true. Bangarraju was better than Bheemla Nayak in viewership. In the recently released TRP ratings, Bangarraju has had a blast. King Nagarjuna’s movie garnered 14 TRP points and stood in second place, while “Pushpa the Rise” was in first place with a record 22.54 points. Akhanda was third on the list with 13.31 points. Even Dj Tillu had a better TV run than Bheemla. Tillu has 10.83 points. Akhil’s Most Eligible Bachelor had 9.30 points. Last among the biggies is Bheemla Nayak, with just 9.06 points.

The ratings suggest that the audience are looking for a fun-filled ride. Among these movies, Allu Arjun, Nagarjuna, Balayya, and Pawan have already established stars. Coming to DJ Tillu and Most Eligible Bachelor, these ratings would immensely help with the confidence of both Siddhu Jonnalagadda and Akhil Akkineni. Both young stars have been struggling for a proper hit since the beginning of their careers. While DJ Tillu has given the necessary mass push to Siddhu, Akhil is finally on a hit track with MEB. But the real question over everyone’s mind is why the Power Star’s film did not get expected ratings on Television. Is it because it’s a remake and people already know the story? Is Pawan losing his charisma in families? One has to wait and see if one can get answers to these questions.


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