A Big Secret Behind Nag’s Final Words In Bigg Boss

For a few days, speculations are rife that BiggBoss6 is the last Season of the Telugu reality show that King Nagarjuna is going to host. Nagarjuna hosted almost four seasons till now, including OTT.

But surprisingly, the way the senior star has left the finale episode of the show is adding fuel to the above-mentioned rumour that he is not returning to the show next time.

It is a known fact that always at the end of the season, Nagarjuna says a couple of lines about the show before concluding the season. But last night, after declaring one more time that Revanth is the winner, Nagarjuna simply said, “That’s all your honour, good night”, thus leaving the audience in a shocker.

In all the previous seasons, Nagarjuna used lines like: “It’s been a wonderful journey in this 100 days of memorable time; it’s time to sign off, see you soon! Mee Nagarjuna”. This time the actor neither said those words nor even ‘see you soon’.

With this everyone is opinionating that this will be the last season of Nag as host and next will see the new host.


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