Will Satya’s interview not get telecasted?

Many of our Tollywood comedians are also popular for their mimicry and imitations of others. By doing these things, they make audiences laugh and get good recognition. Ali and  Venu Madhav belong to this category. But recently, comedian Satya entertained the audience by imitating many top controversial anchors.

As part of the promotion of the movie ‘Rangabali’, Sathya gave an innovative interview with hero Naga Shaurya. The promo of the same has also been released and went viral.

In the promo, Satya was seen imitating the interviewing styles of some famous controversial journalists. That spoof made everyone laugh. He gave good entertainment to the audience through this interview and surprised everyone with his talent. With this promo, the audience became excited to watch the full interview. But the audiences, who are eagerly waiting for the full interview, have now received shocking news.

Satya’s imitated interview promo within a short time became extremely viral on social media. Netizens and movie lovers watched that promo repeatedly and it trended as well. But now it is heard that the Rangbali movie team has taken a shocking decision in the matter and that is; to not release this full interview.

The reason behind it is that in this promotion interview, Satya imitated and appeared in some famous journalists’ attire and entertained, those journalists have expressed their displeasure. It is reported that after contacting the movie team, those journalists requested them that the full interview should not come out.

Because of this, as the movie team didn’t want to hurt the sentiments of those people or fall into trouble, the movie team also decided not to release that funny interview. However, even if it doesn’t come, the movie has already got a good promotional buzz with the promo

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