Pratibha Ranta shares Kiran Rao treated her like family

Pratibha Ranta, rising star of Indian cinema, has recently found herself basking in the spotlight as the nation’s latest crush. But amidst the newfound fame, she remains grounded, cherishing the moments that have shaped her journey thus far.
In a heartwarming revelation, Pratibha Ranta opened up about her close bond with acclaimed filmmaker Kiran Rao, who welcomed her into the industry with open arms, treating her like family. Kiran Rao’s mentorship provided Pratibha Ranta with invaluable guidance and support, laying the foundation for her burgeoning career in the world of cinema.
Pratibha Ranta’s breakthrough role as Jaya in “Laapata Ladies” has garnered widespread acclaim, with audiences and critics alike praising her portrayal of the spirited and relatable character. For Pratibha Ranta, stepping into Jaya’s shoes was a transformative experience, allowing her to explore the depths of her craft and breathe life into a character she grew to love.
But perhaps the most surreal moment for Pratibha Ranta came with the realization that she had become the object of affection for an entire nation, earning the coveted title of “National Crush.” While the accolade may be new territory for Pratibha Ranta, she approaches it with humility and gratitude, viewing it as a testament to the love and support she has received from her fans.
Pratibha Ranta remains committed to staying true to herself and her craft. Her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring actors everywhere, showcasing the power of passion, perseverance, and authenticity in achieving one’s dreams.


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