Gunshots Heard Outside Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartment in Bandra; Mumbai Police Launch Probe

Gunshots Heard Outside Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartment in Bandra; Mumbai Police Launch Probe. In a startling turn of events, gunshots were heard outside Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s residence in the upscale Bandra neighbourhood early this morning. The incident has left residents and fans alike in shock, and the Mumbai Police have swiftly launched an investigation to unravel the mystery behind the shots fired.

The Incident

At approximately 5:00 am, two unidentified assailants on a motorcycle opened fire outside Salman Khan’s iconic Galaxy Apartment. The sound of gunshots reverberated through the quiet streets, disturbing the otherwise peaceful morning. According to preliminary reports, a total of five rounds were fired, creating panic among neighbors and passersby.

Salman Khan’s Presence

Salman Khan, who enjoys Y-plus category security, was at home when the incident occurred. Thankfully, he remained unharmed. The actor’s quick-thinking security personnel ensured his safety during the chaotic moments. Khan’s Galaxy Apartment, known for its high-profile residents, has now become the center of attention as investigators work to piece together the events leading up to the shooting.

Mumbai Police’s Response

The Bandra police wasted no time in responding to the emergency. They are currently in the process of filing a First Information Report (FIR), which will serve as the foundation for their investigation. Additionally, the local police’s crime branch officials have launched a parallel probe to expedite the search for the culprits.

The Unidentified Assailants

The attackers, wearing helmets to conceal their identities, fled the scene immediately after firing the shots. Authorities are meticulously reviewing CCTV footage from the vicinity to track down the bike-borne assailants. The motive behind the attack remains unclear, but the police are leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of justice.

Past Security Concerns

This isn’t the first time Salman Khan’s security has come under scrutiny. In September 2023, the Mumbai Police reviewed the safety measures provided to the actor following threats from gangster Lawrence Bishnoi. Bishnoi, via a Facebook post, had claimed responsibility for a similar firing incident outside Punjabi singer-actor Gippy Grewal’s residence in Canada. The chilling message from Bishnoi warned Khan that no one was beyond their reach.

Public Reaction

As news of the shooting spread, fans and well-wishers gathered outside Galaxy Apartment, expressing concern for Salman Khan’s safety. Social media platforms buzzed with discussions about the incident, with many demanding swift action against the perpetrators. Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Anand Dubey questioned the state of law and order, emphasizing that safety should be a priority for all citizens, regardless of their celebrity status.


Gunshots Heard Outside Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartment in Bandra; Mumbai Police Launch Probe. As the investigation unfolds, the city holds its breath, waiting for answers. The incident serves as a stark reminder that even the most celebrated figures are not immune to danger. The Mumbai Police’s commitment to solving this case swiftly will hopefully bring clarity and justice to the residents of Bandra and Salman Khan’s devoted fans.


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