Babil Khan’s Shocking Revelation: The Dark Truth

Babil Khan’s Shocking Revelation: The Dark Truth. Babil Khan, son of the late actor Irrfan Khan, recently addressed online criticism in a heartfelt Instagram post. He responded to trolls who labeled him as “fake” and questioned his authenticity. In this article, we delve into Babil’s perspective and the lessons we can learn from his experience.

Here’s what Babil said

All I did was introduce myself, “Hi, I’m Babil” and the way you looked at me changed.
I know that look, I know that you think that I’m fake,
“he’s pretentious, tryna act humble when he’s sure that I know of his name”
Or something else like,
If I’m too sorry when I apologise.
I am not strategised, it’s just the way I’ve been raised, I am who I am and that’s just the way I behave
but I know that it’s strange to see something new when all of the clones look the same.
But if I’m honest to you, the truth is that I’m just struggling adjusting to fame.
I put in the work and I deal with the pain and I guess someday it’ll pay,
And i care about you, I care what you think,
but I guess it’s time for a change,
The same things that you loved me for, are now your weapons to hate,
But I see you, the real ones, the day ones, the ones that never switched lanes,
You’re family to me, I’ll be there for you, you’re the reason I stay in the game.
This is our army.
I love you.

The Backlash and Babil’s Response

Babil recounted how a simple introduction – “Hi, I’m Babil” – led to judgmental glances and assumptions. People accused him of being pretentious or overly humble. However, Babil clarified that his behaviour wasn’t a calculated strategy; it was a reflection of how he was raised. He emphasized that authenticity was ingrained in him, not strategized.

Navigating Fame and Authenticity

Fame brought its challenges, including pressure to conform and scrutiny. Babil’s vulnerability resonated with fans, as he openly discussed mental health struggles and missing his father. His candidness made him relatable to many.

Staying True to Oneself

Despite the hate, Babil expressed gratitude for genuine supporters – the “real ones” who stood by him. His message serves as a reminder that authenticity is a strength, even in the face of adversity.


Babil Khan’s Shocking Revelation: The Dark Truth, Babil Khan’s response reflects resilience and authenticity. Let’s learn from him and stay true to our values, regardless of external judgments. As he aptly put it, “This is our army. I love you.”


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