“Srikanth” Movie Review: A Tale of Resilience and Inspiration

Srikanth, directed by Tushar Hiranandani, is a biographical drama that tells the inspiring story of Srikanth Bolla, a visually impaired individual who defies all odds to make his mark. The film celebrates personal victories and challenges societal norms, all while keeping the audience engaged. “Srikanth” Movie Review: A Tale of Resilience and Inspiration.

Director: Tushar Hiranandani
Cast: Rajkummar Rao, Jyothika, Alaya F, Sharad Kelkar
Duration: 134 minutes
Now playing in theatres

“Srikanth” Movie Review:

Rajkummar Rao’s Stellar Performance

Rajkummar Rao, known for his versatile acting, sinks flawlessly into the role of Srikanth. His portrayal captures Srikanth’s unapologetic stubbornness, passion, and ferocity. Unlike relying on exaggerated stereotypes, Rao brings honesty and depth to the character, making it stand out in a crowd. His performance is a testament to his commitment to authenticity.

Jyothika’s Compassionate Teacher

Jyothika plays the compassionate teacher and guide who stands by Srikanth like a rock. Her presence adds emotional depth to the film. Despite entering the story relatively late, Alaya F leaves a mark with her charming performance. Her limited screen time doesn’t hinder her ability to captivate the audience.

Challenging the System

Srikanth sheds light on the challenges faced by people with disabilities. Simple tasks, such as providing textbooks in Braille, become mammoth undertakings. Srikanth’s brilliance as a student is overshadowed by the system’s limitations – he isn’t allowed to pick ‘Science’ as a stream. His fight, along with his teacher’s, becomes both a personal struggle and a small victory in a much bigger war.

Refreshing Take on ‘Assistance’

The film also tackles the concept of ‘assistance.’ For years, people with disabilities have asked not to assume they require help. The conversation around consent highlights how society often infantilizes people with disabilities instead of creating genuinely accessible spaces. While this point is presented in a monologue, it resonates strongly.


Srikanth is more than just a biopic; it’s a celebration of resilience, determination, and the human spirit. Rajkummar Rao’s powerful performance, Jyothika’s empathy, and Alaya F’s charm make this film a must-watch. Whether you’re inspired by real-life stories or simply appreciate good cinema, Srikanth delivers on both fronts.

In summary, Srikanth is a heartfelt tribute to an extraordinary individual, and the performances by the lead actors elevate it beyond the usual biopic fare. If you’re looking for a film that leaves you inspired and moved, this one is worth a watch!

Rating: 2.3/5


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