Love Sex Aur Dhokha 2(LSD2) Review: Dark Okay But Convey What?

After a hiatus of 14 years, Love Sex Aur Dhokha 2(LSD2) makes a comeback following the success of its predecessor. Dibakar Banerjee, the director, opts for ‘Like, Share, and Download’ as the central themes for the new subplots. While incorporating some original elements, Banerjee offers a fresh perspective on the internet, viewing it through the lens of Generation Z. Through three distinct narratives, akin to the first film, he delves into contemporary internet culture and presents his take on it.

Run Time: 116 Minutes


LOVE SEX AUR DHOKHA 2 delves into the intricacies of modern relationships and self-exploration in the era of technology. The movie unfolds through three distinct narratives. Firstly, we follow Noor, a transgender contestant on the voyeuristic reality show “Truth Yaa Naach,” hosted by Mouni Roy and judged by Prem Desi, Tusshar, and Sophie. To enhance her chances of winning, Noor is persuaded to reconcile with her estranged mother, who hasn’t spoken to her in two years. Despite their strained relationship, her mother agrees to appear on the show, leading to increased ratings but also pressure from sponsors to maintain a family-friendly image.

The second storyline revolves around Kullu Vishwakarma, who works at the Ojaswi Udyog Limited metro station run by transgenders under the leadership of Lovina Singh. When Kullu is found severely injured, she remains tight-lipped about the incident and the perpetrators. Lovina embarks on a quest to uncover the truth, only to encounter a shocking revelation that rattles her to the core.

Lastly, we meet Shubham, a popular game vlogger known as Game Paapi, on the brink of reaching 10 million followers. During a live stream, an anonymous account leaks fabricated images of him engaging in sexual activity with another man. Despite Shubham’s attempts to clarify the falsehood, he faces disbelief and condemnation from his followers. The repercussions of this incident set the stage for the unfolding drama in the movie.

LSD2 Review:

Love Sex Aur Dhokha 2(LSD2) serves as a sequel to the original LSD, maintaining its anthology format by exploring three distinct themes: reality TV, transgender issues, and the digital realm. Each storyline delves into societal complexities, infusing elements of comedy to provide a captivating viewing experience. The film offers a nuanced portrayal of how societal norms intersect with individual lives, shedding light on various social issues while keeping the audience entertained.

Despite its engaging narrative, one notable aspect of Love Sex Aur Dhokha 2 is its open-ended approach to storytelling. While each storyline is compelling in its own right, the lack of a definitive conclusion leaves viewers pondering the unresolved aspects of the plot. This sense of incompleteness adds an additional layer of intrigue, prompting audiences to reflect on the broader implications of the themes explored in the film.

Positives: Paritosh as Noor, Bonita as Kulu, Abhinav as Gamepaapi are amazing
Social Media Culture

Cons: First Half feels like watching Bigg Boss
second half with no closure tests patience

Our Rating: 1.5/5


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